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*   How are you different from other CCW classes? The main difference is that we are a professional organization, simply that. We are insured and bonded; as a result can offer services that other cannot.


*   Are the instructors certified? The instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association and the Ohio Peace Officers Training Academy. The instructors conduct law enforcement and civilian firearms classes.


*   How long does the course last? The course for the Ohio and or Florida CCW class is 12 hours. The course starts at 8:00AM and concludes at 8:30PM. The State of Ohio mandates 10 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of range time. HR218-LEOSA Classes are approximately 3 hours long. 


*   How much do the courses cost? The cost of the Civilian Ohio and or Florida course is $110.00. The group cost for HR218-LEOSA is $40.00. Private classes are available.


*   Are the instructor’s insured? The lead instructor carries insurance from the National Rifle Association.


*   Does taking the Basic Pistol class get me my Concealed Handgun License? The NRA Basic Pistol Class fulfills the Ohio Law requirement for training necessary to apply for your Concealed Carry Permit. At the end of the class you’ll be given a certificate that you take to your local sheriff’s office. Your sheriff issues the license, we provide the training necessary to apply for your license. You can also apply for a Florida Concealed Carry license with this class. Since the instructors are certified by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, an approved State of Ohio course may be used in lieu of the NRA course.


*   Why do you have multiple courses? Most places that offer CCW courses can provide only that. We are an organization on a slightly different – more professional – level. We have different courses to meet the needs of the students whether Civilian or Law Enforcement. Our courses keep up with the changes in the law and how the CCW licensee functions in his/her everyday life. Embedded in our instruction is a lifetime of practical experience in Home and personal defense. We are not an organization that sprouted up from the opportunity to generate revenue from providing CCW classes, our background is a lifetime of community service.


*   What about firearm safety in the home? Safety of the firearm in the home is of paramount concern. The firearm should be available and easy to obtain but not easy for young children to find and obtain.


*   How often to the instructors attend retraining? Our instructors are recertified twice per year in the use of semi-auto handguns and revolvers.


*   What type of firearm should I purchase for the class? If you are a new shooter and do not own a firearm we suggest that you do not buy one. We suggest that you use our supplied firearms for the course and then make an educated purchase decision.


*   If I live in another state but want to carry a firearm in Ohio what do I do? You will take the Ohio course and a certificate will be issued that is recognized by other states. 


*   I have heard about having to be recertified, how does this happen? Currently the State of Ohio has a time line when everyone will have to take a firearms proficiency class. This will be gone over in the class.


*   Are instructor’s available after the course is completed for advice? Yes, instructors are available by email or cell phone.  


*   Can you recommend the best type of holster for concealment? Yes we can, we will demonstrate several styles and see what you are comfortable with.


*   What other classes do you offer? Ohio-Florida Civilian CCW Classes, Law Enforcement yearly qualifications and HR218-LEOSA for active, retired and honorably separated officers.


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